LARRY SDAO & RANDY ROBINSON to be co-chairs in 2021 as RANDY FOSSUM steps down.

Larry and Randy will be taking over the reins of the Invitational from Past Chairman Randy Fossum.

Mr. Fossum has been the key man in keeping the Invitational running smoothly the past 10 years. He began volunteering for the tournament in the 90s and finally called it a career in September of 2020 after 30 years. He was instrumental in securing many of the sponsors over the years that still support the event today and in forming a nucleus of people that maintained the high standards of the past.

He managed to find some time to play as well, qualifying for the championship flight in the regular division 11 different times. Reaching a final though eluded Randy until he found his niche in the senior division. There he won an impressive three titles, in 2012, 2016 and 2017, along with 3 runner-up finishes, the most recent being in 2019. A date in the Super Senior may be on the horizon where you can expect him to be a force as well.

Thank you Randy for your time and commitment to a tournament we all love.

This very website came to fruition because of the persistence of co-chair Larry Sdao. Larry, as is Randy, a past champion and both have the passion, knowledge, and dedication to ensure the Invitational continues to thrive in the years ahead.

Robert Cumming named Player of the Decade 2010’s

Robert Cumming became the 8th player to be named Player of the Decade. Trevor Jones won twice for the 1980 & 1990’s.

Previous winners were:

Johnny Henry 1930’s
Bob Devine 1940’s
Ken Britton 1950’s
Don Stokaluk 1960’s
John Valley 1970’s
Trevor Jones 1980’s
Trevor Jones 1990’s
Barry Caland 2000’s

Cumming faced stiff competition as Brett Shewchuk won 3 consecutive
times, 2015-17.

Cumming played in 5 finals for the decade, winning 4 times and runner-up

In addition, Cumming was low qualifier (medalist) twice and made
Championship flight every year of the decade.

Cumming won 26 matches while losing only 6. This is the most matches
won in a decade.

Cumming will be honoured at the 2021 Invitational.