Robert Cumming named Player of the Decade 2010’s

Robert Cumming became the 8th player to be named Player of the Decade. Trevor Jones won twice for the 1980 & 1990’s.

Previous winners were:

Johnny Henry 1930’s
Bob Devine 1940’s
Ken Britton 1950’s
Don Stokaluk 1960’s
John Valley 1970’s
Trevor Jones 1980’s
Trevor Jones 1990’s
Barry Caland 2000’s

Cumming faced stiff competition as Brett Shewchuk won 3 consecutive
times, 2015-17.

Cumming played in 5 finals for the decade, winning 4 times and runner-up

In addition, Cumming was low qualifier (medalist) twice and made
Championship flight every year of the decade.

Cumming won 26 matches while losing only 6. This is the most matches
won in a decade.

Cumming will be honoured at the 2021 Invitational.