Round Strathcona with Trevor Jones

Hole 1 Overview
No. 1 - 170 yards, Par 3

Toughness depends on pin placement. If tucked behind front right bunker, tough to get close. 4 to 9 iron depending on wind. Birdies rare, especially in Qualifying when it’s the first shot of the day.

Hole 2 Overview
No. 2 - 530 yards, Par 5

Trees have been cleared out in front quite a bit, enables you to lay up closer. Still a low percentage shot to go for the green in two as there is trouble left and right that will catch some shots. Third shot tough to get close on: hard to putt green. Few birdies.

Hole 3 Overview
No. 3 - 360 yards, Par 4

Possibly toughest driving hole on the course with out of bounds right. Fairway has been tightened considerably. Second shot to small flat green, from a 6 iron to a wedge. Lots of pars, not many birdies.

Hole 4 Overview
No. 4 - 405 yards, Par 4

Out of bounds right, however lots of fairway left. Real advantage for long hitter as he can carry hill for extra roll. Second shot ranges from a wood to short iron to a flat slightly elevated green. Par a good score.

Hole 5 Overview
No. 5 - 420 yards, Par 4

With loss of big trees in the middle (1991), fairway much wider. However there is out of bounds right. Second shot with a long to mid iron played to a small flat green. Par a good score.

Hole 6 Overview
No. 6 - 350 yards, Par 4

Definitely a birdie hole with a good tee shot. Bunker does come into play on right side of fairway. However if pin placement is lower right, tougher to get close.

Hole 7 Overview
No. 7 - 175 yards, Par 3

Long to mid iron hit to large contoured green. Tough up and down, bunker right and trouble everywhere else except short. Play to middle of green. Right pin adds to toughness. Par a good score.

Hole 8 Overview
No. 8 - 480 yards, Par 5

Tee shot must be on top right side shelf to have a good shot at the green,  left side leaves blind second. If you go for the two tiered green with your second you cannot miss left. However bunker on right is tough up and down. Also putting not easy. Some birdies, however not as many as the yardage would indicate. Bad judgement could walk off with a 6 or 7.

Hole 9 Overview
No. 9 - 446 yards, Par 4

Longest par 4 on the course, second shot requires a mid iron to even a wood in adverse conditions. Fairway bunker on left will catch lots of shots. Second shot has a bunker on the right hill to contend with. This hole is one of the toughest pars on the course.

Hole 10 Overview
No. 10 - 365 yards, Par 4

Relatively wide open straightaway hole with a second shot of a mid to short iron played to a narrow elevated green. Right green side bunker and sloped green make birdies tough.

Hole 11 Overview
No. 11 - 225 yards, Par 3

Long par 3 where obviously a good tee shot is required. Hitting to a slightly banked green with a bunker on the left side. A driver to a long iron depending on wind conditions. A lot of ups and downs for par, birdies are rare.

Hole 12 Overview
No. 12 - 336 yards, Par 4

Tree lined uphill-straightaway par 4. Fairway bunker on right side will catch some tee shots. Second shot to elevated green should be below the hole, otherwise 3 putts a real possibility.

Hole 13 Overview
No. 13 - 395 yards, Par 4

Out of bounds left makes it dangerous to try and cut too much off dogleg left. Fairway bunker on right also comes into play. Usually mid-iron second uphill to a flat green. Par a good score.

Hole 14 Overview
No. 14 - 360 yards, Par 4

Hit tee shot from an elevated tee to a fairway that swings right. Fairway bunker on left helps define hole. Short iron played to a small flat green. Definitely a birdie hole.

Hole 15 Overview
No. 15 - 465 yards, Par 5

Uphill to the green makes hole play longer than yardage would indicate. Not an automatic two shot hole. Right side fairway bunkers will catch some shots. The hole can produce anything from a 3 to a 7 for even the low handicapper.

Hole 16 Overview
No. 16 - 525 yards, Par 5

Fairway has been tightened over the years. Long hitters may be able to get home in two depending on conditions. However, it is a blind second shot with trouble both left and right. Contoured green not easy to read or putt. Some birdies here, however par a good score.

Hole 17 Overview
No. 17 - 216 yards, Par 3

Toughest par 3 on the course with trouble both left and right. Players will be hitting either a long iron or wood to flat small green which does not hold well. In Qualifying when the pressure is on a lot of good players can make a quick 5. Definitely not a birdie hole. Par a good score.

Hole 18 Overview
No. 18 - 310 yards, Par 4

Great finishing hole for qualifying or for players in a tight match. Tree trouble both left and right on this straightaway par 4. Long down the left side is the perfect spot. However drives in the middle or right side of the fairway leaves a short pitch over the front bunker. In Qualifying the pin is tucked in behind the bunker to make it really interesting. Green does not hold ball all that well. Over the years a lot of good players have found that bunker and missed Championship Flight because of it. A real swing hole that has produced some dramatic moments over the years.