The Volunteers

Volunteers started the Invitational, volunteers maintained it and volunteers have elevated it. Today a group of over 40 dedicated people work to run the best tournament possible. For some it is a year round commitment. From the ladies who work the scoreboard to the starters to the marshals to the people filling up the coolers, it is truly done by teamwork.

Al Smigel (left) with Chairman Bob Cumming stood up when it counted in 1986
Top, clockwise some of the Volunteers from 1989, Head Marshall Don Dafoe, The Ladies, they play a major part in making the Invitational a success, John Teravainen, chaired in 1999-2000. Rob Mallon (left), Randy Fossum and Dennis Martell had prominent roles in the 90s.
Robbie and Mark have been handing out the awards for years
Robbie and Mark have handed out a lot of hardware